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This section is only available in IDimager Professional!





Image Preview Size

Select the size that you want to use for your previews. This size will be used for the longest side of your images when downsizing them to create preview images.


Store previews in database

Enable this option if you want to store your previews in the database. Storing previews will lead to a larger database and the thumbnail building process will also slow down because the previews will also be created at that point.


The positive side is that IDimager can use your previews if needed. For instance; you can carry your database with you and leave the images at home or at the office. Then when you're working offline the previews will be used and allow you to continue working, even when the images are not online.


Using stored previews will also drastically improve the display time of the Preview panel.


Image Preview Quality

The previews are stored as small JPG images. Here you can specify the quality/compression quality to use for the previews. The higher the value, the better the quality, the more storage size is needed.


Image Preview sub-text

Here you can design the sub-text for the Preview Panel in the main application. The sub-text can be designed in the mini-HTML editor.