Printing a single photo

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To print a single photo, select the image's thumbnail. Then press [Ctrl]+[P] to open the print designer for this single image. You can also print a single image which is opened in the Image Viewer. In that case you can click the print button in the “Image Editing” panels toolbar (_img251) or again press [Ctrl]+[P].


The selected image is now loaded in the page designer and positioned over the full page. Simply click the Print Page above the page design to output the image to the printer.


If you don't want to print the image full screen but instead need a specific size for the image then simply right click on the image in the page design.




The top two items in the popup allow you to change the size of the slot. Click on Width to change the size to the width you need. The value becomes editable, enter the value and press <Enter> to change it. Repeat this for the Height of the slot.


The size is instantly updated in the page design. Close the popup with <Esc>. Optionally reposition the slot on the page by dragging the slot within the page design. Do this by clicking on the slot and while holding down the left mouse button you relocate it to its new position.




To customize your printer settings, click on the name of your printer. Depending on the printer driver provided by the printers manufacturer you can change many printer settings like page sizes, color settings etc. Refer to the printers manual for more details.

If you have multiple printers installed then click the drop down button and select a different printer.


Once you're satisfied with the page design then click the button "Print Page" in the toolbar above the page design.