Printing contact sheets (thumbnail sheets)

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Apart from printing a single photo you can also use IDimager to print contact sheets. A contact sheet is a page with a grid of small thumbnails on it. These are also known as index sheets or thumbnail sheets.


First open the collection with the images you'd like to print. Then select one or more thumbnails by clicking the thumb while holding the [Ctrl] key down. The chapter “Collection Viewer” describes more selection options. Finally, after selecting your thumbnails, press [Ctrl]+[P] to open the print dialog..


The page design now displays a couple of images, certainly not a contact sheet yet. In Page Creator page click on the size that you want for your thumbnails; e.g. 2x2".





Confirm this and the pages are regenerated with 2x2" slots.


Optionally change the spacing of the slots with the "Spacing" slider in the Control Panel at the left side.


Optionally add a header and/or footer to the page by using these entries in the left side Control Panel.




Once you made your selection the printing dialog will open. If needed then activate the tab "Contact Sheet":


Once you're satisfied with the page design then click the button "Print Page" in the toolbar above the page design.








There is a template provided with the application to print 1.5"x1.5" contact sheet. You can find it by clicking the Templates button in the Page Creator and then select it from the drop down.