Printing with templates

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IDimager supports so-called "printing templates". Printing templates are pre-defined page layouts that you can use to print images. There are several print templates available. Examples of templates are "print 2 images per page, each sized 6"x4". Print templates make it easy if you need fixed sized printing.


First open the collection with the images you'd like to print. Then select one or more thumbnails by clicking the thumb while holding the [Ctrl] key down. The chapter “Collection Viewer” describes more selection options. Finally, after selecting your thumbnails, press [Ctrl]+[P] to open the print dialog..


Once you made your selection the Print Module will open and a default page is generated. Notice the Template drop down button in the Page Creator.




Creating pages based on a template is as simple as selecting the template you need from the drop down. Once a template is selected, all pages of your print design will be generated on that template. It's easy to try them all.


Apart from generating *all* pages based on a single template, it's also possible to apply a template to a single page of your design. To do so, either add a new page with the <+> button below the page design or select one of your current pages. Then right click on the page and select "Apply Page Template" and then the template of your need.


Here's a sample page based on the template "5x3.75in (4) Free Style"". The names of the templates that are deployed with the application are typically named after their slots. In this case the template's name reveals that there are 4 slots sized 5 inch by 3.75 inch and that it uses a free style design.




Apart from using the pre-defined templates it's also possible to store your own page design as a new template. A template will always contain the design of a single page.


To create your own template you can simply design a page the way you want it. Then right click on the page background and select "Store current Page Design as a Template"




Name your template and give it a useful/recognizable name. Once it is saved, this new template becomes available in the Templates drop down.