Reading meta data from file

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Don't overwrite existing recipes in the catalog

When the catalog data is written to the file's metadata then recipes are also written out to metadata. When reading back the metadata from the file to the catalog you may not always want to overwrite the available recipes in the catalog database as that may lead to unexpected loss of your existing recipes when you've altered them afterwards.


You can prevent reading recipes to the catalog by checking this option.


Always convert IPTC keywords to XMP first

Normally IDimager will only convert IPTC keywords to XMP when there is no pre-existing XMP in your image. But if you use with 3rd party tools and these don't support XMP then you can use this option to force IDimager to always check your IPTC keywords first.


Keyword processing

Do not process keywords to catalog


Select this option if you don't want to read existing metadata keywords as IDimager catalog labels.


Merge keywords with existing catalog labels


Select this option if you want to migrate all metadata keywords to catalog labels if they don't exist yet.


Replace catalog labels with existing keywords


Select this option if you want your metadata keywords to be fully leading. Your existing catalog labels will be removed and then new catalog labels will be created for each existing keyword


Store keywords in

Here you can select any one of the top level catalog categories where the keywords, being migrated to the catalog, should be created in.


Map delimited keywords to hierarchical label structure

With this option checked, IDimager will create catalog labels based on the existing  delimited keywords. That means that after creating a catalog label, it will be created in the hierarchy of the delimited keywords. e.g. a keyword Events.Birthdays.Children will be created as "Events" -> "Birthdays" -> "Children"


With this option unchecked, IDimager will not map delimited keywords and just create one label per keyword named with the name of the full metadata keyword.


Lightroom keywords only


Adobe Lightroom(tm) writes hierarchical keywords apart from normal keywords. For a better integration with Lightroom, IDimager offers this option and when this option is enabled, IDimager will only read the Lightroom hierarchical keywords and ignore the normal keywords.


Don't confuse "Lightroom hierarchical keywords" with normal keywords. They are each written to different XMP properties.


Read IDimager ICS schema if available

The ICS schema (IDimager Core Schema) is an XMP schema that is specific for IDimager and if you decide to write the ICS schema, IDimager will store all its specific catalog info in there. These include version info and label hierarchies. By writing the ICS schema, you will have a way of reconstructing your full catalog based on the embedded metadata.


With this option checked, IDimager will process the ICS schema if found and recreate all catalog info based on the content of the ICS schema. It is not recommended to enable this option unless you need to.