Reorganising your catalog label structure

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Now that we have learned to create a catalog structure you should be constantly aware if a label is stored in the correct group. The golden rule that applies to information management is that if something is named the same, it *is* the same. That is pure theoretically tho. In real life it is very well possible that your create duplicate labels for different purposes. For instance; You can have a catalog label Events.Birthdays.Alex and a catalog label People.Family.Alex. As you can see both these catalog labels have the exact same significant element (lowest level), being Alex. But in their own context these catalog labels have completely different meanings. The first one describes the birthday even of Alex and the second one describes Alex as a person. This is just to illustrate the it is possible to have duplicate names, but make sure that your brain is triggered once you get duplicate names. Then consider if they describe a different context or not. If not (which is most likely the case), then rethink your design and optionally replace the catalog label in the structure or even merge the catalog label with another label which already covers the same purpose/domain.


The next sections will describe relocating and merging in more detail.