Running Batches as a Background Process

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When you use the Batch Processor to design your batch then you are able to save the batch to file. By default the Batch Processor directs you to the Batches folder in your application data folder. All batches that are stored in this folder can be ran as a background process. This means that you can run this saved batch file on a selection of thumbnails and when it runs, you can continue to work.


First select the thumbnails for which you'd like to run your batch file. Then click the drop down icon for the Batch icon in the main toolbar or select Collection | Run Batch from the main menu. The drop down will display all the batches that are saved in your Batches folder.




Simply select the appropriate batch file to run it for every selected thumbnail.




Confirm the start of the selected batch file. As the batch runs, you can continue to work in IDimager. The progress of the batch can be followed in the Progress Activity Panel. You can open that by clicking the counter icon in the lower right corner of the application.