Scaling the thumbnails

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The Collection Viewer displays thumbnails, and at the top of the Collection Viewer you can find the thumb scale slider. The thumbs can be scaled from 20% to 100% by default.


However, if you are using IDimager Professional Edition, and you have configured IDimager to use stored previews of your images (Tools | Options | General Settings | Previews) then IDimager-Pro will create down-sized versions of your images (but which are larger than your thumbnails) and store these previews in the catalog database along with your thumbnails. You can then use the thumb scale slider to scale from 20% to 300%.  When scaling above 100%, IDimager will use the stored previews to create sharp up-scaled thumbnail images.





By dragging the slider to the left or to the right, you can scale your thumbnails down or up.





Scaling up thumbnails in IDimager Professional can be done by enabling the use of stored preview images. Enable the option "Tools | Options | General Settings | Previews" to build thumbnails and at the same time store small versions of your images in the catalog.


>> Stored Previews is only available in the Professional Edition


The advantage of using stored previews is that it can drastically speed up your work flow. For example, the preview panel can display stored previews more quickly than full images, which allows you to rate/color label your images faster by navigating through the thumbnails with the preview panel opened.  Stored previews are also displayed in the Image Detail window ([Alt]+[Enter]), making it easier to describe your images.


Another advantage of using this option is that you can display sharper thumbnails when you "up-scale" the collection viewer to a value over 100%. In this case, IDimager will load the preview image to create a very sharp large thumbnail.


The downside of using stored previews is that the thumbnail building process will be slower, because the stored preview is generated at the same time as the thumbnail.  Also, the stored previews do require extra disk storage.


When using IDimager Professional Edition, it is recommended to enable stored previews. The thumb building process will be slower as the previews need to be created as well, but the advantages afterwards will make up for this small performance sacrifice.




Predefined scale steps


You can also store predefined scale steps. To do this, right click on the thumb scale slider or click the little down arrow icon located at its right.




The menu that pops up allows you to quickly select a scale step and also allows you to customize the predefined steps. Click the last item "Customize..." and define your own preferred steps.