Search Out-of-Sync images

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For many serious amateurs and professionals it is of high importance to be assured that the time invested in cataloging images is a one time operation. That is why independence of any software product (including IDimager) is very important for them. Future-awareness can be achieved by storing the catalog information to XMP/IPTC. These kinds of meta information is stored embedded in images for JPG, TIF, DNG, and PSD formats. For all other formats the XMP is written to an XMP sidecar file (a buddy file with the same name, but different file extension). Once IDimager writes its catalog info to meta information, it marks the images as “In Sync”. This means that the meta information matches the catalog information.


This search feature lets you search through the catalog for images that are not yet synchronized to meta information. The search results will help you identify which images need to be synchronized with XMP/IPTC. You can do that by selecting them and then press [Ctrl]+[F12].