Search image files on the hard drive

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To search for image files that are stored on your hard drive you open the search feature “Search Images on Disk”. This option can be found by clicking the drop down arrow behind the search button in the main toolbar.




In this window you can enter a list of file masks to search for, This should allow you to search for any combination of files. Enter one file mask per line. A file mask is either the full name of the image file or part of it using jokers. The joker is the sign * (asterisk) and it represents “any value”. A file mask “*.jpg” will return every file that uses the .jpg file extension. A mask “a*.tif” will result in all TIF files that start with an “a”. The file mask “a*z.ppm” will return all PPM files that start with an “a” and end with a “z”.


By entering one or more file masks you will be able to quickly find that one image or series of images you are looking for,


The first time that you open this window it will be pre-filled with file masks for every supported image format. You can delete the entire content and then enter your own file mask or masks. IDimager will remember you last used file mask and present them to you the next time you open this search feature. If you need to reset the list to its original file mask values you can click the button

_img208 in the right hand upper corner of this search dialog.


After entering the file masks to search for you can select the root folder at the field “Search in. Use the button behind this field to select a folder from the folder selector.


If you want to limit the amount of images returned by the search result you can enter the maximum number of images to return in the field “Max. Results”. Once IDimager found more than this amount of images, it will cancel the search process and return the results for you.


The option “Also search in sub-folders” allows you to specify whether the sub folders below the selected search folder should be searched too.




Find all images on the hard drive folder “P:\Photos” that use the image format BMP and combine this search with all JPG images that start with “img” and return 10 images max.




Click button OK to start searching.