Searching for a catalog label

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Once you have many catalog labels defined in your catalog structure you may not always remember where a particular catalog label is stored and finding it back may become a true journey. That is when you'll need the label search feature. The label search feature can be found at the top of the Catalog Explorer. Open the Catalog Explorer by clicking the spider web icon in the left Explorer Bar.





By entering the name of a catalog label the label search box will show all labels that match the name. By default IDimager will display all the catalog labels that contain the search term. If you find the label you are looking for, then select it in the drop down list and press Enter (or just point and click). The selected label will then be looked up in the catalog label structure and it is selected.




At the right of the drop down list you can click the drop down button to select the search method to be used:




You can choose from:



Any Position

Brings with

Ends with

Sounds like (only IDimager Pro)


Once you select a different search method, the last selected choice is maintained, even after a system restart.





To preserve screen real-estate it is possible to toggle the Label Search panel OFF. You can do this by double clicking on the "Label Search" title. That will collapse the panel. Then as you hove the mouse over the original location of the panel, the Label Search panel will slide in again. It may take some practice though. Once the panel is slided in you can lock it again by double clicking on the "Label Search" title.