Slide Shows

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Quick Slide Show


IDimager can create slide shows with 150 possible transition effects for any collection; a media collection as well as a collection in the Catalog Explorer. IDimager can create a slide show directly from a collection or you can design your own slide show using the Slide Show Designer (from the Tools menu). Slide shows can be displayed full screen.


The fastest way to create a slide show is by using the “Quick Slideshow” feature.

1.Open any collection
2.Press [F11]


The quick slideshow will play instantly and uses the settings as you can specify in the options (Tools | Options | Slide Shows). To create a quick slide show of an opened collection, select the collection in the Media Browser, Catalog Explore, or from search results. Optionally select one or more thumbnails. Then press [F11] to start the Quick Slide Show.


When a Slide Show is playing, you can hover the mouse over the upper area to get the browser bar. This bar contains button to step to the next or previous image and it also allows you to pause/resume the slide show.


When a Slide Show is playing, you can hover the mouse over the lower area to get the film strip. With the film strip you can quickly step to another image within the Slide Show.





Slide Show Designer


Besides the Quick Slide Show you can also design a custom slide show. Select your thumbnails to include in the slideshow and then press [Ctrl]+[F11]. All (selected) images from the active collection will be added to a new slide show design using the preferences as defined in the options.




The Slide Show Designer is opened. This window has an upper area, which is the “preview” player and a lower area which is the “time line”. The time line is the real design area and enables you to fully customize and personalize your slide shows. The time line is divided in horizontal tracks. There are four tracks:



This track contains the images for the slide shows.


This track contains voice or audio comments (mp3 or wav)


This track contains your underlying music (mp3 or wav).


This track contains your title sheets.


The tracks are horizontally oriented and it represents the time. The time scale can be adjusted manually by either clicking the magnifying glass buttons in the lower right corner of the Designer or by pressing the [Z] or [A] buttons.




The time scale can be set from 100 milliseconds to 1 minute.


The fastest way to start your slide show is to click the “Play Slide Show” button in the tool bar.