Slide Shows

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Loop Slide Show

Select this option if you want the slide show to restart once it has reached the end.


Slide Show Speed

Enter the display time for the slide in seconds.


Slide Show Background Color

If a photo in the slide show uses a different aspect ratio then your screen uses, there will be bars either on top and bottom or left and right of the image. The color of these bars is filled with this background color.


Transition Effects

Select the transition effect type to be used.



If you have selected the transition effect type “I will specify what effect to use”, then you can select the effect here.


Effect Time

Enter the time that should be used for the effect. Use format minutes:seconds:milliseconds (mm:ss:zzz)


Default monitor for Slide Show

When your system is utilized with a dual monitor setup then you can select the preferred monitor for the slide show display here.