Slide Shows Advanced

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Show Captions

Select whether you want to display caption titles on the photo; for example the title or the description.


After switching this option on, you can select the color, font and position.


Slide Shows are Time Critical


Time critical slide shows enable you to time the slide show. It makes sure that the time specified for the effect and for the total slide display time is guaranteed.


Crop slide images to fully fit the size

Select this option if you want every photo to be displayed full screen. If the ratio of the photo differs from the screen ratio, it will be cropped to fit full screen.


Manual slide changing

Select this option if you want the slide show to pause after every slide shown.


Enlarge smaller images to maximum display size

When you add images to a slide show of which the resolution is smaller than your display's resolution, then you can use this setting to determine if IDimager should upscale those images to the display resolution or not.



Optionally define the captions that you'd like to be printed on every displayed slide in the slide show.