Sorting thumbnails by hand

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As explained before, you can use the default predefined sort orders to change the sorting of a collection. In addition, IDimager Pro users can use Sort Scripts for more exotic sort orders. Sometimes, however, it is desirable to change the sort order manually.  This can be achieved in two ways:


1. by dragging the thumbnail to its new position, or 

2. by replacing the thumbnails using the keyboard.


Remark: Manual sort orders will only be persistent in the Catalog Portfolio Collections.


Using the Mouse


Select the thumbnail you want to replace by clicking it once. Now hold down the left mouse button, place the mouse over the thumbnail that is currently at the position you need the first one to be, and then release the mouse button. The initially selected thumbnail will be moved to the position of the thumbnail where the mouse was released, and all other thumbnails will shift either forwards or backwards to fill the missing gap. If you need to position a thumbnail outside of the visual area of the Collection Viewer, then drag it to the lower (or upper) area of the Collection Viewer so that the Collection Viewer is scrolled down (or up). Once you have found the new position, release the mouse over that thumbnail.


Using the Keyboard


You can also reposition thumbnails using your keyboard. Select the thumbnail that needs to be repositioned so it is selected. Now hold down the [Ctrl] key and press one of the cursor keys.



Reposition the thumbnail to its left


[Ctrl]+ [Right]

Reposition the thumbnail to its right


[Ctrl]+ [Up]

Reposition the thumbnail to above


[Ctrl]+ [Down]

Reposition the thumbnail to below


[Ctrl]+ [PgDn]

Reposition the thumbnail to one page lower


[Ctrl]+ [PgUp]

Reposition the thumbnail to one page higher


[Ctrl]+ [End]

Reposition the thumbnail to the end


[Ctrl]+ [Home]

Reposition the thumbnail to the beginning