Cataloging images with the Stamper

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The stamper feature works with a selection of elements in the Catalog Explorer. Once the selection is made you can activate the stamper and then stamp the selection to thumbnails in the Collection Viewer. This way you can quickly assign one or more catalog items to your images, like a series of catalog labels, optionally combined with ratings and color labels.


Open the Catalog Explorer by clicking the spider web icon from the left Explorer Bar. In the Catalog Explorer there are selection boxes at the left side of each catalog label or other entries in the tree. There you select all the elements that should be part of the stamper. You can combine several types of elements like catalog labels, rating, or color labels.


After making the selections, click the Stamper button in the Catalog Explorer's mini-toolbar.




The stamper button will stay highlighted to indicate that the stamper is active. Now with the stamper activated, open any collection of images from either the Catalog Explorer or from the Media Browser. As you hover the mouse over the thumbnails in the Collection Viewer, the mouse will change to the stamper icon. You can click any thumbnail to stamp the selection to that image. You can also select one or more thumbnails by holding the [Ctrl] or [Shift] button down and clicking thumbnails. Then after making your selecting, release the [Ctrl]/[Shift] key and the mouse will change back to the stamper icon. Then stamp your selection.




After you are done stamping your images, either click the "Stamper" button again in the Catalog Explorer's mini-toolbar or simply press [Escape]. That will deactivate the stamper.


Another way of using the stamper is exactly the other way around. This time select one or more thumbnails. Then in the Catalog Explorer you can select one or more elements and then [Ctrl]+Click (hold down [Ctrl] and click) the stamper button. That will instantly stamp the selected images with the selected elements in the Catalog Explorer.


When you are done stamping, you can click the clear button in the Catalog Explorer's mini-toolbar to reset all active selections: .