Stored Groups

(based on the original text by Jeff Godfrey)

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A Stored Group is like a standard catalog label on steroids! Each group is represented by a single node in the catalog tree, just like any other label. What makes it so interesting though, is that it represents the dynamic results of a search query. So, for instance, you could define a stored group to display all images containing “Tom and Jenny, but not Fred”. Once a group has been defined, it will dynamically contain the results for that particular search. So, if you later add more images that meet the groups search criteria, theyll automatically show up in the group.
And, theres more; Stored groups can also be used to assign catalog labels to images. For instance, if you were to drag an image to the “Tom and Jenny, but not Fred” group, the image would automatically get the “Tom” and “Jenny” labels assigned to it. If it previously had a “Fred” label, it would be removed (after all, this is a “not Fred” group). All other labels that were previously assigned to the image would be left as-is.