Synchronize Settings

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IDimager can synchronize catalog data with the image file's metadata, either embedded in the file as Exif/IPTC/XMP or in an XMP sidecar file. The behavior of the synchronize feature can be controlled by these general settings. Reading and Writing data from and to the image file can also be configured.




Automatically sync files in your Watch Folders that are changed outside IDimager

When you are using a 3rd party application to make changes to your image's metadata then you'll need to resyc those in IDimager. When you enable this option, IDimager will automatically re-import the changes to the catalog as soon as it detects the change on the file system. Keep in mind that this will only happen for images that are currently in-sync in the catalog. This is to prevent the auto-import to overwrite your changes in the database which are not synced to the image file yet.


Automatically write all catalog changes out to the image metadata

Select this option if you want IDimager to automatically add selected labels to the XMP properties of the image (this will also be mapped to IPTC). This may be time consuming because every time you assign labels, IDimager needs to update the meta information inside the photo file. You can also use the Catalog Manager (Tools -> Catalog Manager) to write all labels for the entire catalog.


Tip; when using this option, the Stamper feature may be a handy tool for you


Allow extensive meta searching by storing properties as database records

IDimager supports extensive meta data searching, meaning you can design combined search queries that find your images based on the explicit information that you need. For example combine Exif info with entered detail information. IDimager is able to to do this because it stores every property as individual records in the database.


When you deselect this option, IDimager will no longer store these individual records making it perform faster. But on the other hand, it will no longer allow you to design extensive search operations that involve metadata searching. If you are not interested in searching for meta data (e.g. with the quick search bar in the right upper corner, or with Ctrl+F), then deselect this option.


After switching away from extensive searching your database will still contain all records that were created earlier. Then after you compact your database (Tools | Catalog Maintenance | Maintenance), all these records will be removed decreasing your database size.


IPTC/Exif Encoding method

Here you can specify how the IPTC data is written to your files. Option are






You will get the best interoperability with other tools by using the ANSI method. However, in ANSI you can not store special/international characters. The UTF-8 and Unicode methods do. Most modern metadata tools support UTF-8 encoding which is why IDimager uses that as its default.