Template Conditionals

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Template Conditionals are outlined blocks of HTML code that will be included depending on a corresponding condition. Template Conditionals always have a beginning and en ending, just like normal HTML tags. The format is:



Any HTML code here





Notice how a condition starts with %Name and ends with %/Name (a slash after the percent)


For example; lets say you want to include some HTML code when there is EXIF information available for the generated photo. This is done by using the Template Conditional %EXIFExists and is closed by %/EXIFExists.


Many template conditionals also have a negative counterpart. The counterpart of %EXIFExists (and %/EXIFExists) is %NotEXIFExists (and %/NotEXIFExists).



<b>Photo %ImageName</b>



<u>This photo contains Exif information</u>: <br>

Short Exif info: %ImageEXIF<br>

F-Number: %exif:Fnumber<br>

Exposure Mode: %exif:ExposureMode<br>




<i>no EXIF information available for this photo.</i>