The Burner application; how it works

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The Burner application can be activated within IDimager by selecting “Tools | Burner” from the main menu. You can also press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[B]. IDimager supports 3 different burner engines:

1. The integrated IDimager burner

2. The Windows V1 burner engine

       Can only burn CD formats, not DVD formats

3. The Windows V2 burner engine.

       can burn CD and DVD formats


If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, then it is highly recommended that you use the Windows V2 burner.

If you are running Windows XP-SP2 then you can download the V2 burner engine from the Microsoft website:


If you are running Windows XP-SP1 or earlier it is recommended that you use the integrated IDimager burner for DVD formats or the Windows V1 burner if you are planning to only burn to CD formats (CD, CD-R, CD-RW).


The integrated IDimager burner engine can be used when you are on Windows 2000 or if your device is not recognized by Windows XP/Vista.





The Toolbar


Use the toolbar to quickly access the most frequently used tasks.



Drive Info


The drive box allows you to select a CD or DVD device and shows information about the selected one. If you have more then one CD drives in your computer, you can select the correct drive by opening the drop down box.


IDimager Engine, and Windows V2 Burner only; This part of the window also shows the selected burning speed. By default this box is set to “Maximum”, meaning IDimager will burn using the maximal speed possible for the combination drive and disc. Optionally select a different burning speed although not recommended.


IDimager Engine, and Windows V2 Burner only; The option “Finalize disc when burned” can be used to really close the disc after burning so nothing can be appended to it anymore. Some older disc readers may require you close the disc. Most modern day drives support multi session discs so there should be no need for finalizing it.


The options "Verify burned files after burning each disc" can be used to let IDimager perform a binary verification to double check that the burned files are binary identical to the original files. Use this option to make sure that the burned disc is ok.



Folder Structure


This visualizes the folder structure as it will be created on the disc once it gets burned. When archiving collections, galleries or portfolios, IDimager will create the structure automatically based on existing collections, sub collections, etc.



File Structure


This visualizes the files for the selected folder in the folder structure (left). By browsing the folder structure, the file structure will be refreshed with the files contained in the then selected folder.



Burner Info


This shows some information about the generic burning capabilities. The fields are:


Burn Size: The total space required for all files for the active design

Free Space: The total space available on the disc currently inserted

Estimated Discs: The estimated number of discs that are required to burn all files. This calculation is based on the current disc's free space and then for following disc the current disc's total capacity is taken into account. E.g. the current disc is a DVD with 4.7 GB total capacity and 1 GB capacity is free. We need to burn 8 GB of images, then the estimated discs will be:

1 disc for the first GB and 2 Discs for the remaining 7 GB => Estimated discs is 3



Progress Control


This part displays, especially while burning, information about the progress of the total burning process.


The burner also enables you to design your own CD or DVD content. This can be done by adding your own folders and files.