The Collection Viewer’s view style

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By default the images inside the Collection Viewer are represented by large thumbnails. However, supports three different view styles for displaying the images:



The Collection Viewer shows a thumbnail representation of the original image.



The Collection Viewer shows a list of small thumbnails, including its captions. This view allows many thumbnails to be displayed in the visual area of the Viewer.



This view also shows small thumbnails, but there are additional columns that show more detailed information about the image.



To change the view style, select the preferred view style (View Thumbs, View List or View Details) from the main menus “View | …” menu:




The view style that is currently active can be recognized by a check mark in front of it.


Another way to change the view style is to right click at the background area of the Collection Viewer (not on a thumb) to open its context menu. There you can select “Toggle View”. This will toggle the view as follows:


Thumbs :: List :: Details


Examples of each view style:


1. Thumb Style:



2. List Style:




3. Detail Style