Getting started with IDimager

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After you have run the installation procedure, you can start IDimager by either:



(1) double-clicking on the desktop icon, or


(2) selecting the application from the Windows Start Menu.



After you have successfully started IDimager, you enter IDimager's main application window. On your first run you'll see a short introduction for IDimager, called the Quick Learn. It is recommended that you read through it. You can select the topics by clicking the links at far left of the Quick Learn window.





When you've finished the Quick Learn then click the Close button to enter the application. Optionally uncheck the "Show at startup" option in the lower left corner. You will then enter the main application area.




The application is divided into three areas.


The top area displays the application's main menu, as well as the main toolbar that integrates the Quick Meta Search Bar feature.


Below the toolbar you find the Explorer Bar at the far left of the screen (the vertical icons list) which gives access to the main panels of the application. Each of these icons will open a panel in the application and you can recognize by the opened panels by its highlighted icon in the Explorer Bar.


Finally, to the right of the Explorer Bar is the Collection Viewer. This is the area where IDimager will display its thumbnails. The Collection Viewer is the place holder for your images and will be empty on your first run.


If you are not familiar with IDimager then the IDimager Information Center is a good starting point for learning the application. You can open the Information Center by clicking on the Information Center button located at the far lower right corner (as illustrated below). You can also access the Information Center by clicking the Help button in the main toolbar.