Quick Cataloging

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The upper right corner of each thumbnail displays an icon that indicates the number of assigned catalog labels for that image. This indicator will be orange when there are no labels assigned yet. This way it is easier to recognize uncataloged images. Once image get labels assigned to them the number is displayed in the theme colors of the application. This number indicator is called the "quick assign" icon. When you  click on that icon, the quick assign popup will be displayed and using this popup you can quickly assign individual labels to a selection of images.



The quick icon embeds the quick catalog features. It is very useful when you have an existing catalog and want to make changes to one or more images.


Activate the quick assign feature by clicking the icon on any thumbnail. When multiple thumbnails are selected, the quick assign will work for every selected thumbnail.





When you click the quick assign icon for one or more selected thumbnails, it will open up the Quick Catalog features. It allows you to assign or remove catalog labels to/from the selected images.


The Quick Catalog is divided in sections:


The upper section contains the Quick Assign entry field

The second section contains all last used catalog labels. The number of items can be defined in the Options dialog

The third section contains other relevant labels for the selection of images but which are not in the “last used” section.

The fourth section is a direct entry to your full catalog structure and your portfolios

The fifth section contains the most relevant cataloging actions like copy/paste labels, and synchronizing the catalog to the image's metadata


This way the quick assign provides you with the most important catalog label features for the selected images.


The labels have assignment boxes in front of them. There are 3 possible states:


A clear box

This is an unselected catalog label


You can click on this catalog label to assign it to all selected images.


A blue box

This means that this catalog label is assigned to all selected images.


You can click on this catalog label to remove it from all selected images.


An orange box

This means that this catalog label is assigned to one or more of the selected images, but not all of them (all assigned would make the box blue).


You can click on this catalog label to remove it from all the images within the selection that have this label assigned.

You can also hold down the [Ctrl;] key and then click this catalog label to assign it to all images within the selection that dont have this label assigned yet.


Apart from the direct entries you can also assign/unassign any other catalog label from your catalog structure. In that case select "All Catalog Labels" and then select the label from the structure.

You can also assign/unassign the selected image to/from any of your portfolios by selecting the "All Portfolios" entry and then select the portfolio from the structure.


This way you can easily maintain your existing catalog and quickly assign or remove labels from selections.


The lower part of the quick assign menu contains entries to maintenance features. You can copy the labels to clipboard. Then select a different set of images, click the quick assign icon and paste the copied labels by selecting the option “Paste labels from Clipboard”. There is also a feature to synchronize your catalog and images. If you select that option, IDimager will write the catalog information from the database back to the image's (embedded) metadata.





When you click the quick assign icon for a image that identifies a collapsed stack then the catalog labels listed will be matched against all images in the stack. If you need to change catalog labels for just the single image, then click the quick assign icon while holding down the [Ctrl] key.




The most important entry is probably the Quick Assign entry field. Using this field will enable you to quickly assign catalog labels or even create new catalog labels when they don't exist yet. Just start typing the name of the catalog label that you'd like to assign/revoke. As you pause with typing, IDimager will look up the existing catalog labels with matching names. If you need to correct the text then press [Esc] when the suggestions are listed and make the change.




If you type a name that is not yet available in your catalog then you can press the <Enter> key and IDimager will prompt you to create one on the fly. To do that, type the name of the label in the Quick Assign field and press [Enter] to confirm it. If that name does not exist yet you'll get the following dialog where you'll be able to store the new catalog label under a parent in the hierarchy.




By default the last used parent label will be selected. If needed you can select a different parent by clicking the dots icon next to the "parent" field. Once you confirm the new label it will be created and automatically assigned to the selected images.


If, in the Quick Assign field, you type a label name that has more than one occurrence and then press [Enter], then IDimager will ask you which of the occurrences is the once you need. Optionally you can also create a new catalog label from there.