The Ratings, Color Label and Bookmark Bar

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By default every box will display the “Ratings and Color Label Bar” (in short Ratings Bar) in a slightly transparent color at the bottom center of each box. The Ratings Bar allows you to quickly assign a rating or a color label to the image. The bar behaves exactly the same as the ratings bar on the thumbnails. The Ratings Bar can be toggled by pressing [R]. This will switch the bar on/off for the selected box. You can press [Shift]+[R] to display or hide the ratings bar for all boxes in the Light Table.




The Ratings Bar contains 5 “dots” each dot represents a possible rating. By clicking a dots position you assign a corresponding rating (1 is worse than 2, and so on, up to 5). For instance to assign a 2 star rating, you can click the second dot. Click the fifth dot for a five star rating, etc.




The assigned rating can be recognized by the number of stars on the bar.


To remove the ratings (0-rating or neutral rating), you can click the red “red cross” at the front of the rating stars.


Besides assigning ratings with the mouse you can also quickly assign a rating with keyboard shortcuts. Press [1] for a one star rating, [2] for a two star rating, and up to [5] for a five star rating.


Hold down the [Shift] key when you select a rating to assign this rating to all images that are currently loaded on the light table.




The Ratings Bar also visualizes the color label. The background of the ratings has the color of the active color label.


You can change the color label by clicking at the rating bars background (between the stars). A menu will popup and it allows you to select a different color label.


You can also change the color labels by using keyboard shortcuts.


Hold down the [Shift] key when you select a color label to assign this color label to all images on the light table.



No color label


Red colored label


Yellow colored label


Green colored label


Blue colored label


Purple colored label


You can change the names of the color labels in the options dialog (Tools | Options | Other settings).



Another option on the bar is the bookmark indicator. The bookmark indicator is the most right icon displayed on the bar (a heart icon). By clicking this icon you can switch the bookmark state of the image. You can also press [Ctrl]+[Space] or [\] to change the bookmark.



This image is bookmarked


This image is not bookmarked


Hold down the [Shift] key when you click the bookmark icon to assign this bookmark to all images on the light table.