Uploading pages to your homepage using FTP

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FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most common used protocol to transfer files from one computer to another, in this case the internet server where your home page is located. To transfer files you need login information for your homepage. If you dont have your login info, then contact your internet service provider (ISP) or look it up on your hosting service's homepage.


After generating your photo site, select option “Use FTP to upload the results”. The FTP window opens.




This window contains the followed fields:



Optionally select a combination that you have used before. The first time you can ignore this field.

FTP Server

Enter the host name of the FTP server as provided by your internet provider or hosting company. Example: home.planet.nl


Enter the number of the port the FTP server listens to. Usually this is port 21 and you wont have to change it. If not sure, contact your provider/hosting company.


Enter your user name as provided to you by your provider or hosting company. If not sure, contact your provider/hosting company.


Enter the password that matches the username If not sure; contact your provider/hosting company.

Remember password

Select this option if you want IDimager to remember the password for the next run. The password will be saved encoded.

Upload folder

This is where you can specify the target folder. This is the folder where IDimager will upload the pages to. If you are not sure what this should be, you can click this button:

_img244. IDimager will then try to connect to the FTP server and advise a folder name called “Album” within the root folder. If you dont want to generate to a sub folder, but directly to the front page or your site, then remove the addition “Album”. This will enable visitors to see your photos as soon as they type in your internet address.


If you want to embed your photo pages in an existing web site, then it is advised to publish to a sub folder and then create a link in your existing site to access the photo pages.

Upload only changes since last upload

With this option switched on, IDimager will only upload the last changes made to your photo pages. This will decrease upload times drastically, so it is recommended you keep this switched on all the time, unless you want to make sure the full content is re-uploaded.


This option only applies to the photos. HTML pages will always be uploaded, no matter if its changed or not.

Passive FTP

This is a setting that is enabled by default. If you experience connectivity problems (drop outs), try to disable this option.

Proxy Settings

By clicking this button you can enter additional proxy connection settings. Only use them if you are sure you are connected to the net using a proxy server. If in doubt, contact your local network or internet service provider.




After entering all data, click OK to start the upload process.




After the upload process finished, the connection with the FTP-server will be broken. Congratulations, your web site is now officially online.


To view your website, open your internet browser. Then type in the name of your homepage and optionally add the upload folder name (like Album). An example would be: http://home.panet.nl/~yourname001 or http://home.panet.nl/~yourname001/Album


Please keep in mind that some web servers are case sensitive, meaning http://home.panet.nl/~uwnaam001/Album (upper case A) is not the same as http://home.panet.nl/~uwnaam001/album (lower case a)