Using the DNG Downloader Script

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Using the DNG Copy Handler script

The DNG Copy Handler is a so-called Handler Script. That is a piece of program that can be executed to handle the physical copy of the marked image(s). Depending on the handle result, the download engine's default copy process can either be skipped or still be executed. Important to mention is that when you use multiple copy handlers that have a handler result hrDoDefault, multiple copies of the same image could end up on your destination.

The DNG Download script is able to convert RAW images to DNG by using Adobe's free DNGConverter utility. First make sure that you download this utility from the Adobe website. You can find it here: (approx. 40MB; if this link becomes unavailable, the search their website for DNG Converter). Once you have downloaded the DNGConverter software you can double click on the file to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions of the installation. After the installation is finished you can fins the file "Adobe DNG Converter.exe" in the installation folder. That is the stand alone converter that we need for the DNG Downloader script.

As you open the scripting panel in the Download profile, you can add a handler script. The DNG Download script is a handler script that has the filename "DNGCopyHandler.idscript". Select the file and that's all. This script will now be executed and will convert any RAW images to DNG and leaves the copy handling as default for non-RAW files.