Using the zoom features

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When an image is opened in the Image Viewer it will be displayed in the best fitting format. This means that the image will be resized for maximal display inside the image area. You can zoom an image in the Image Viewer in several ways:


Using the mouse scroll button

In the Options Dialog (Tools | Options | General  Settings | Image Viewing) you can define how the scroll mouse should behave in the Image Viewer. It can be configured to “Zoom In/Zoom Out” or to browse to the next/previous image.


When the scroll mouse is configured for zooming, which is the default behavior, then you can use the mouse scroll button to zoom in or out. The Options dialog also contains an option if you need to invert the actions for up zooming and down zooming.


Using keyboard shortcuts

In the Image Viewer you can press [+] and [-] to zoom an image in or out.  This will work for the numeric [+] and [-] buttons and also (for laptops) when using [+]/[=] and [-] next to the numbers on top of the keyboard (US config).


Using the Loupe feature

You can also use zooming by using the loupe feature; [Alt]+[Z]. The loupe is a magnifying area that you can drag over the image.

This way you can view part of the image zoomed while you still see the rest of the image in the active zoom percentage.



The zoom indicator, below the Image Area, will always show the active zoom percentage. IDimager allows zooming from 1% to 10,000%. You can click on the zoom indicator to quickly change the zoom percentage to one of the predefined zoom percentages: 12.5%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 200%, 300%, and 400%.




Using the Loupe


The Loupe enables you to zoom a part of the image while keeping the rest untouched. The Loupe can be activate by either pressing [Alt]+[Z] or by clicking the magnifying glass icon.




Once you activate the Loupe, IDimager will display the enlarged loupe over the image.




The Loupe can be sized by dragging on one of the handles at the frame of the loupe. Drag the Loupe over your image by using the left mouse button. As you replace the Loupe over the image, the Viewer will display that hover area of the image in the Loupe area. By default the Loupe displays the underlying image in a 100% zoom percentage but by using the + or - icon in the lower right corner of the Loupe you can either zoom the Loupe in or out. You can also use the mouse its scroll buttons while hovering over the Loupe are to zoom the Loupe in or out.


Click the x icon in the upper right corner of the Loupe to close it again or press [Alt]+[Z] again.