Versioning with the Batcher

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IDimager's Batcher is among the most powerful collective image processors available. With the Batcher you can perform multiple collective tasks on a series of images in a single run. The output can then be stored in a different folder (the output folder) or you can decide to overwrite the original images. When you store the results to an output folder, then you have the opportunity to store the results as versions of the  images that are being processed. Start the Batcher by selecting one or more images to process and then click the "Batch" button in the application's main toolbar.


Select an output folder where the results of the Batcher should be stored in. Then add all the commands/effects to the batch that you want to apply to the images. This can be one command, but also a series of command and/or editing effects. Then define that the results should be stored as versions.




The only thing left is to click the "Run Batch" button in the toolbar. That will start the Batch and store the results that are created in the output folder as versions.