View Exif information

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With IDimager you can view the Exif information from image formats that support Exif. Good examples of these formats are JPG, TIF and almost every RAW image format like NEF, CR2, PEF, RAW etc. 


Exif information is the technical data about the photo that is created and stored almost every digital camera. To view the Exif information about an image you can press [Ctrl]+[E].



All Exif labels are presented as a list.


This window contains two tab sheets: the Full Exif and the “Exif Summary”.


Tab sheet “Exif Summary” only contains the most common Exif fields. It is possible to change the fields presented in this tab. Tab sheet “Full Exif” contains all Exif fields, including the camera specific maker notes.


The content of the fields are basically static. This means that they represent the values as they were when the image was taken. Therefore it is not allowed to change them using IDimager. This was a decision made to ensure that the Exif remains as “pure” as possible.


However, some fields are editable. These are recognizable by their bold font face. By double clicking one of these bold fields you can change the value. Some image formats don't allow editing of the Exif data (like RAW formats). In that case there are no bold faces fields.


The only other moment where IDimager will make changes to the Exif is when you resize the image. The size information of the image itself is part of the Exif too. To prevent you from getting misinformed, IDimager will also adjust the size labels when you save a resized image.


The Summary tab sheet allows you to select the fields of your choice to be displayed.


Click the e-button in the mini toolbar and select the fields you want to include.




In addition to the "normal" Exif fields, you can also add custom info to the summary tab. In the lower left corner there is the macro-command selector. Click this button and select the info you want to display. You can also add a custom inline script to construct any entry of your liking.


If you want to reorganize the selected Exif fields then you can drag and drop them with your mouse to a new position.