Viewing images

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When opening an image in the Image Viewer/Editor, it will be displayed in “best fit” mode. This means that the image will be displayed in a size that best fits the image area. There are three modes to display an image:


Best Fit; keyboard shortcut [A]

The image will be displayed in full and will be resized for best fit inside the image area.


Full Size; keyboard shortcut [Z]

The image will be displayed in a 100% view. If the image is larger than the image area can contain, then scroll bars will appear at the sides of the image area. By using the scroll bars you can scroll the image to locate the area you need. You can also use the mouse to scroll the image by dimply dragging it with the left mouse button down.





Full Screen (double click on the image)

The image will be displayed “full screen”. IDimager will be sent to the background to make place for the full screen image. This way you will get the maximal view of the image on your monitor. To return to the Image Viewer/Editor you can press [Esc].


To change your view mode you can right click on the image. The context menu will open and there you can select between: “View Image Full-Size”, “View Image Best” and “View Image Full Screen”.




Using the mouse


The mouse plays an interactive part in the Image Viewer/Editor when you're in the "Best Fit" mode. IDimager uses a "click-to-zoom" feature. This means that when you click on the image with the left mouse button the the image will be displayed at 100% zoom and centered around the clicked area in the viewer. When you now drag the image while holding down the left mouse button, you can pan the image in the visible area on screen. When you release the mouse button, the image drops back to its best fit zoom.