Virtual, Fast Collections, and Image Basket

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The manual already described how you can organize your images in portfolios. In addition to portfolios you can also organize your images in so called virtual collections and fast collections. Virtual Collections and Fast Collections are quickly accessible by clicking their tab sheets below the thumbnails. Virtual and Fast Collection are only supported in IDimager Professional. IDimager Personal does allow you to work with the Image Basket.




Virtual Collections

Virtual collections are collections that behave like portfolio collections but which are quickly accessible. Virtual collections are located below the Collection Viewer (thumbs) and are represented by tabs. Virtual Collection will display only the main or album display version of the images that it contains. You can select which one to display in the Options dialog (Tools -> Options -> Catalog -> Catalog version display type)


Fast Collections

Fast collections are volatile collections; they only exist during the application session. They can optionally be stored to file and can be loaded from file in another IDimager session. Fast Collections can contain any image, versioned as well as non-versioned images, as well as a mixture. Fast Collection are more flexible than Virtual Collections.


Image Basket

The Image Basket is a dedicated fast collection. It has the advantage that it is very easy to add images to the Image Basket, just by pressing a shortcut [Ctrl]+[B]