Working with color labels

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With IDimager it is possible to assign color labels to your images. Color labels provide a mechanism to rank or mark your images. You could add meaning to each color that suits your work flow. The excellent book “The DAM Book"; by Peter Krogh; is a place where color labels are described in more detail. The book also explains how you can use them. It is a great resource for setting up a future proof work flow.


Examples of color labels could be:



Ready for the trash bin


Your Pick


Customer Pick


Ready to print


Temporary tag

(these are just examples; again read "The DAM Book" for Peter Kroghs way of using color labels)


Once you have determined for yourself what the colors mean in your work flow you can define your own captions for each color. Do this in the options dialog by selecting “Tools | Options | Catalog | Color Labels”




Every thumbnail contains a rating bar below the thumbnail image. The background of the rating bar represents the color label.


If you select a series of images, and assign a color label then it will be applied to every selected thumbnail.






This is an example of a ranked image. The number of stars indicate the rating and the background indicates the ranking (in this case Green)



In the same line as with ratings/scores, you can also set color labels for your images with keyboard shortcuts.



or / (forward slash)

No colored label


or [6]

Red colored label


or [7]

Yellow colored label


or [8]

Green colored label


or [9]

Blue colored label


Purple color label