Working with detail profiles

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A detail profile allows you to store and recall a set of commonly used information fields.  By selecting the profile later, you can quickly populate these information fields with the profile's set of values.



To create a detail profile, click on the button “Detail Profiles” in the mini-toolbar of the Image Details panel.



The Detail Profiles dialog displays a list of all existing profiles available--you can create as many detail profiles as you like.





To edit an existing profile, either double click on the profile's name or click the "Edit Profile" button in the dialog's toolbar.


To create a new profile, click the button “New Profile” in the toolbar and enter the name you want to use for that profile. While you can enter any name, it is generally best that you choose a short name that describes the profile's content. For example, you can use your name.






Enter only the fields that are of interest to you and click the <OK> button to store the profile and return to the list of profiles. Now select the profile and click <OK> to apply the profile to the selected image(s).  Once you have applied the profile, the fields that you have entered will be copied to (and overwrite) the corresponding fields in the image's Image Details panel.


As you can see in the screenshot above, some of the fields have a green check mark icon. This icon tells you that the information for that field will replace any existing content in the image's field once you select and apply this detail profile. This is known as "Replace" state.

IDimager actually provides three ways for applying the information in a detail profile field to an image:  "Replace", "Append" and "Clear".  You can change the state by clicking on the icon and then select the new state from the drop down. Each of the three states is represented by displaying the icon in a different color (green for Replace, blue for Append, and red for Clear). 


In Append state, the specified value in the detail profile's entry field is appended to the end of the corresponding information field of the image when the detail profile is applied. 

In Clear state, the existing value in the image's information field is erased when the detail profile is applied.


In addition, the drop down also has an entry where you can specify that the operation should only be applied when the field is empty. If this option is checked then IDimager will not apply the entered data if there is a pre-existing value for the image it is being applied to.


As an example, let's say you want your profile to add a name to the existing creators of the image. Enter the name in the field. Then click on the green checked icon and select the "Append to content" option. The icon will now turn blue with a plus sign on it.






If you want to use this profile in the future, you can again click the “Detail Profile” button in the Image Properties dialog, select your profile and click <OK> to apply it.


You can also apply the profile by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the "detail profile" button in the mini-toolbar. Then just select the profile to instantly apply it.