Working with Download Profiles

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In the download profiles panel you typically store the transfer settings you would like to reuse in future occasions.



If the download profiles panel is not visible, simply open it by clicking on the profiles icon in the main toolbar. If you want to open a stored profile, click on the arrow to drop down a list of stored profiles. If you start from a clean installation, there will only be one download profile, the so called Default Profile. It is not mandatory to work with different download profiles, if one profile does the trick for you, just stick with the Default Profile.


The Download profiles panel basically contains 3 sections:

1.Basic settings on the upper part of the panel expandable section with Advanced settings expandable section Script settings


Once you are finished entering your download details, you can use the buttons in the bottom section [4] to Save, Rename and Remove your download profile.

Please note that all other settings like meta descriptions, portfolio and catalog are also part of a download profile and will be saved to disc when you use the save button.

The Default Profile cannot be removed nor renamed. Just save it as a new download profile to give it your own name.




When exiting the application, your screen settings such as the panels you had open, what download profile you were working, etc... will be remembered for the next time you start the application.