Working with Global Positioning Data (GPS)

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Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is gaining popularity fast and IDimager offers several ways of integrating GPS in your workflow. GPS is integrated in the application at several points.


GEO Tagging is the storing of GPS information within the corresponding EXIF Tags or XMP Tags of an image. By storing this information, the owner of the photo is able to find where the photo was taken and display it on a map.


Catalog labels and GPS


You can attach GPS coordinates to any catalog label. Of course this is not relevant for every catalog label in your structure, but mainly for places this could be helpful. For instance; the Statue of Liberty can be a catalog label in your structure and it uses a fixed GPS position. Then as you assign this "Statue of Liberty" catalog label to one or more images, IDimager will automatically assign the GPS coordinates when you sync the catalog data to your image ([Ctrl]+[F12]).


GEO panel script


This script can be loaded in your Script Panel and it is able to display your images on the Google maps service. You can then either relocate the markers or assign new coordinates to images that don't have pre existing GPS data.