Working with Label Sets

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The Label Assignment Panel supports so called "Label Sets". A Label Set is a collection of labels that you store for your convenience. The Label Sets form the lower section of the Label Assignment Panel and are listed in the bar above the table.




There are three pre-defined dynamic catalog sets, but you are free to create your own sets and fill them with labels that you think are convenient for that set.


The dynamic sets are:


recently used

This set contains a set of catalog labels that you have recently used. The number of labels in this section can be configured in the options dialog and defaults to 6. Find the setting in Tools | Options | Catalog -> Number of items in the "Recently Used items" section.



This set lists all labels that IDimager thinks you may want to use based on the already assigned labels.

IDimager determines this set's content by checking the already assigned labels for the selected images and then it checks how often other catalog labels are assigned to images that also have the already assigned label. The more frequent a combination occurs in the database, the higher it is listed in the suggested set.



This set contains catalog labels that are defined in relationships with the already assigned catalog labels.



Defining your own label sets


As mentioned above, it is possible to define your own catalog label sets. You may want to create sets to make it more convenient for you to assign frequently used catalog labels. For instance; create a set with the labels for your family members, or a set with styles of photography, etc.


Creating a new set by clicking the drop down button in front of the Label Sets and then select "Create a new Set".




Then name your set and the new, empty, set is then created. It is now included in the bar. click on it to open the set. As you can see, the set is still empty. Each self-defined catalog set displays a drop down next to it. Use that drop down to delete the label set or to rename the label set.




The next step is to add catalog labels to this set. You can do that in several ways. You can drag/drop labels from the Assigned section and drop them over the name of the catalog set (that is the name as listed in the label sets bar). You can also search for your labels in the Catalog Explorer and drag them from there over the name of the catalog set in the Label Assignment Panel.




That's it. You now have your own label set and you can quickly use the labels in this set to assign or revoke them to/from your images.


Your own catalog sets are also listed in the branch "Stored Groups of the Catalog Explorer. It is recognizable by a green icon.




The catalog set behaves as an inclusive Stored Group. This means that when you select the catalog set here that you will get the result of all images in your catalog that match *every* label that is part of the set. For example; for a catalog set "Family" that includes the labels "John" and "Jane" you will get all images that have the labels "John" AND "Jane" assigned to them.