Working with Meta Description profiles

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A meta descriptions profile allows you to store and recall a set of commonly used information fields. By selecting the profile later, you can quickly populate these information fields with the profile's set of values. After reading this chapter's somewhat theoretical introduction, you might think that working with meta information is a complex task. But this is not the case: adding meta information to your images is no more complicated than entering information into some entry fields.


To describe the images to be downloaded, go to the Meta Descriptions panel. If the panel is closed, open it by clicking the Meta Descriptions button in the main toolbar. Alternatively, use the drop down list to load one of the stored meta description profiles into the meta descriptions panel.




If your download profile does not contain any meta descriptions, the Meta Data button will be 'clean'. Otherwise the button will contain a green check sign.




Managing the Meta Description details




The panel header shows the name of the current meta descriptions profile.


The toolbar with the most common actions.


Select one of the tab sheets to get access to the desired type of meta data


Main area where you can enter you descriptions. Note each field has a caption in bold typeface. By placing the mouse over the caption, you can display help information for that field. Enter only the fields that are of interest to you and click OK to store the profile and return to the list. Now select the profile and click OK to apply the profile to the image. Once you have applied the profile, the fields that you have entered will be copied to (and overwrite) the corresponding fields in the image's Image Details panel.


Toggle button to indicate what should be done during the download in case of a conflict with existing data.

As you can see in the screenshot above, some of the fields are green. The green color lets you know that the information for that field will replace any existing content in the image's field once you select and apply this detail profile. This is known as Replace state.

The Downloader actually provides three ways for applying the information in a detail profile field to an image: "Replace", "Append" and "Clear". You can toggle between these three states by clicking the small button left of the field's caption label. Each of the three states is represented by displaying the caption label in a different color (green for Replace, blue for Append, and red for Clear).

In Append state, the specified value in the detail profile's entry field is appended to the end of the corresponding information field of the image when the detail profile is applied. In Clear state, the existing value in the image's information field is erased when the detail profile is applied.

As an example, let's say you want your profile to add a name to the existing creators of the image. Click on the button [=] to change its state to "append" (blue).        


Action buttons for Saving, Clear out the meta descriptions profile and removing the selected Meta descriptions profile




Sometimes it is convenient to be able to quickly copy a property's value to the Windows Clipboard. You can do that by double clicking on the caption of each property. The value will always be copied to the clipboard in text format (even for non text typed properties).