Working with Portfolios

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With IDimager you can organize your images in portfolios. Organizing images is not directly related to cataloging but is intended to allow you to build a structure with images that belong together. The main difference with the Media Browser for example is that the latter limits you to the folder structure of your storage media (e.g. the hard drive structure) while portfolios can contain collections of images that are stored in different folders. IDimager will not physically move or replace any of the images that you store in a portfolio. The same image can be stored in different portfolios.


You create portfolios for sets of images that you want to keep together. For example; a portfolio for your website images, and/or a portfolio for your projects per year, and/or any other main divisor you want to use to organize your images.


Portfolios are organized over 3 levels: Each portfolio consists of galleries, each gallery consists of collections and each collection can then be divided into sub collections. There are no limits to the number of portfolios/galleries/collections/sub collections that you can create.


Each portfolio can be split/decomposed into galleries. For example; portfolio “Projects” can contain galleries for each month/year: January 2008 to December 2008, or a portfolio named “Website” can have a gallery for every main subject on your site; e.g. a gallery Models, a gallery Nature and a gallery for Architecture. The gallery on its turn can be split/decomposed into collections and sub-collections. These collections and sub-collections are the place holders for your images. For example; portfolio “Website” and gallery “Models” has collections “Wendy”, “Simon” and “Anna”. Each of these collections can be filled with photos.


The portfolio panel enables you to instantly organize the transferred images into your portfolios (galleries/collections). The options are:




Do not place the imported images in a collection

Select this option if you dont want the Downloader to store the downloaded images in a portfolio collection.


Create a new portfolio collection for the imported images

Select this option if you want to place the downloaded images in a new portfolio collection. First select an existing portfolio/gallery and then specify the name for the new collection.


Place the imported images in an existing portfolio collection

Select this option if you want to place the downloaded images in an existing portfolio collection. Select the portfolio, gallery and the collection name from the drop down boxes.