Working with ratings and image scores

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With IDimager it is possible to rate every individual image with a 0 to 5 score. By rating your images you can graduate them and distinguish the good from the bad (0 = unassigned, 1 = very bad,.., 5 = best) . For example; you can retrieve all your best images  just by selecting the “5 stars” label in the Catalog Explorer's Ratings branch.


Every thumbnail contains a rating bar below the thumbnail image. This bar consists of 5 dots. Each dot represents a rating value. You can click on any of the dots to open a selection menu that allows you to select a rating for that image. You can also hold down the [Alt] key on your keyboard and click on one of the dots to instantly assign that rating.


If you select a series of images, and assign a rating it will be applied to every selected thumbnail.






This is an example of a rated image. The number of stars indicate the rating (in this case 3 stars). The dots indicate unrated positions and can be clicked or [Alt]+clicked to assign the rating.


The red cross icon in front of the ratings can be used to remove the rating.

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used to quickly assign ratings



Neutral or 0 star rating


1 star rating (worst)


2 stars rating


3 stars rating


4 stars rating


5 stars rating (best)


Another way to rate your images is by dragging a selection of thumbnails and then drop them on the appropriate rating in the Catalog Explorer.