Working with the Calendar

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IDimager integrates a calendar feature that allows you to browse the images using a visual calendar overview. The month based calendar shows all days of the month with a visual thumb representation for every day within the month. This way you can easily browse to your images.

The Calendar is an entry in the far left Explorer Bar . Click its icon to open it. Once the Calendar is open, you can drag the panel to any docking area. By default it is displayed at the right side.




The calendar will be opened and display the last selected month. If this is the first time you start the calendar, then it will open in the current month.



Each day in the calendar will display a thumbnail of a random image for that day (if any). Also, the number of images that are known in the catalog database for that date is displayed in an italic font style.


The top area contains the navigation options. By clicking the left and right arrow icons you can move the calendar to display to the previous or next month. By clicking the drop down arrows to the left of the arrow icons, you can also select to skip to the previous year or next year.


Another way to switch to a specific date is by clicking the drop down arrow of middle button: and then select "select date" from the menu or to double click on the displayed month/year.




In this dialog you can navigate to a the date of your choice and click OK to select it. The Calendar will then change to the month containing the selected date.


Tip; In the date selection dialog you can click on the month or year to quickly step to a specific month and/or year.


Once you have the selected date, you can double click on a date to display the images for that day in the Collection Viewer. You can also select a range of days by dragging with the mouse over the desired days. Once you have selected multiple day, click the middle, black, button in the toolbar to get all images for the selected range of days. Another way to select a range of days is by clicking the first day, then find the last day in the calendar and click that day while holding down the [Shift] key. The end date may even be in a different month than the begin date. Again, after selecting the series, click the middle button (or press [Enter]) to get all images for the selected period.