Working with the Light Table

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For direct image comparisons, IDimager offers the so-called “Light Table” . The Light Table is a feature that can open several images on a single screen and then allows you to scroll them together, zoom them together, pan then together, etc. This way you will have a tool available that is optimized for direct comparisons. Picking the best image from a series (burst shoot), make a selection of the best images of a shoot. These are just some examples of where the Light table feature is of help.


The Light Table can compare up to 30 images in the Professional Edition and 4 images in the Personal Edition.


When you open images on the Light Table, you can always right click on any box to get that image's context menu. It will allow you to apply edits to the images being viewed and a lot more.


In the Light Table you can press [F1] to open a quick help box.





The Light Table displays the active image in a highlighted color. Sometimes it is inconvenient to compare images when they use a different background color. Therefore it is possible to temporarily switch off the highlight background color by holding the [Shift] button and then click the highlighted box once (=[Shift]+Click).