Working with Workspaces

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Workspaces are stored designs for your user interface. A workspace contains the following settings:


All toolbar designs

With IDimager you can customize the functions of the toolbars. Right click on the main toolbar and select Customize Toolbars. The workspace will contain all your toolbar designs


All panel positions

The panels in the application can be dragged around, floated, docked to different places. The workspace will contain the location of your panels.


Your active thumbnail scale

The thumbnails in the Collection Viewer are normally displayed at 100%, meaning they have the size that matches your thumb size setting in the options. However in some cases it is convenient to work with scaled sizes (either downscaled, or in IDimager-Pro upscaled sizes as well). The workspace contains your active thumb scale.


Your defined thumbnail scale settings

The thumbnails can be scaled quickly by selecting some pre-defined scale settings. These pre-defined scales can be customized to your needs.



Workspaces make it easy for you to switch to a defined interface. You would typically create a workspace to be able to quickly switch to a specific setting of the interface, designed to support a specific step in your workflow. For example, you could design a workspace that you use to rate your images, a different workspace to assign catalog labels, a workspace to add metadata, etc. Because each workspace gets its own keyboard shortcut, you can quickly switch workspaces.


Once you have an interface design that suits a specific need, you can store it by clicking the workspace button in the upper right corner of the application.




There select Store Current Workspace..




Name your workspace and you're done. Workspaces are stored as files on the file system. This should make it easy to exchange workspaces between different machines. Simply copy the workspace file to another machine and store it in the IDimager workspaces folder.


Now you have stored your active workspace, you can change the panels, etc and then quickly switch back to your stored workspace by using its shortcut. The shortcut is listed in the Workspaces drop down that opens when you click on the workspace button. The workspace shortcut is always [Alt]+n where n is the number of the stored workspace.



Changing your IDimager theme


IDimager comes in a gray color scheme by default. It is possible to change the application's layout to a different color scheme. To do so you select View | Customize Toolbars from the main menu (or right click on the main toolbar and select "Customize Toolbars". Then select the theme of your preference from the drop down box at the bottom of the customization dialog. As you select a new theme, you'll instantly see the result in the background.